Pisces january 2 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore

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But a list that contains both Aleister Crowley and Edgar Cayce shows there are two sides to the same coin. Out of pain and addiction can come the healer.

There is also the strength that comes after a struggle. Ascendant Leo 1 can have very challenging, obsessive and dramatic relationships, in some cases, they inspire art Morrisette. Talent and prophetic ability are here, usually, it is a gift passed down from their ancestors. The Christ connection is strong here where perhaps the subject plays the part of either the fallen man or woman Mary Magdelene or they can be the Christ savior figure in relationships.

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The experience of slander by the opposite sex can also be marked with the Ascendant Leo 1. Feeling linked to the environment, working towards the protection of the land.

So either these folk are going to be hugely confident in relationships or they suffer a total lack of ego and are attracted to egoistical people. Even the most insecure of these will be perceived as bossy, in the sense that they may only feel confident if they are in total control of their partner.

The mother bear energy means that Leo 2 rising will easily become the parent and caretaker in the relationship. Their appearance is very often glamorous or theatrical and some of them may be known for their golden hair or wild locks. Being drawn, intentionally or not, to intense emotional encounters.

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The importance of this star is accentuated by its nearness to the ecliptic. Its effect is in the best sense that of Jupiter and Mars. You may even literally work in the wellness industry.

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If not, fitness and healthy habits could play an important role in your life lessons. These lunar nodes may veer into addiction or overcome health challenges.

People with Virgo and Pisces lunar nodes are constantly balancing fact versus fantasy, intuition versus logic. You can be a masterful manifestation magnet but also a micromanager seeking answers and explanations.


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Other times, they can be overly hung up on material proof and comforts. Your destiny may involve a career that is both creative and technical. Both lunar nodes can make too many sacrifices, helping others at your own expense.