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In addition to giving private readings, John is also a bereavement counselor and a licensed psychotherapist, giving him even greater access to the healing nature of his readings. To book a reading with John, read his articles, or to learn more about his work, drop by his site. Thanks so very much! Suzanne : This is Before the Afterlife, all about healing, spiritual growth and how to be happy before you go.

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We are coming to you from Oakland, California and points beyond. What do you want to say?

It brings it into the collective consciousness and transforms it. Well, Capricorn is the sign of capitalism. Capricorn is the sign of the structure of our lives. It is the conditional word. It is the rules and regulation. It is the agreed-upon reality. Capricorn allows us to agree on that reality. Well, Pluto is destroying all of that, so maybe this sofa is not a sofa.

Maybe we can have an alternative name for it, an alternative fact for it. You see people might look like a door and not a sofa and they certainly can upset the status quo, to say the least. That was the year that, specifically, Lehman Brothers went out of business that kind of toppled but then all the bank started asking for handouts from the government GM, AIG. All of these big conventional companies were kind of brought to their knees and saying help. This is different! This is unusual! The last time that Pluto was in Capricorn was in Suzanne : No!

That is fascinating! It is a recreation. I mean these are very big, big historical actions.

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Suzanne : Maybe we are creating a king. John : And you know what Suzanne? The lesson if you will if you want to call it that the lesson or the experience of Pluto in Capricorn all of life is always uncertain. Was it going to be me who get laid off? You know it got better as President Obama took over and new rules were put into effect but with Pluto, just when you think, oh everything is going to be okay, boom punch!

Wake up! It began in It will be over in So we are in the middle of it right now so we have another 8 years to go. Suzanne : Oh good! So 8 more years of a chaotic period of questioning everything, of being uncertain, I mean the whole phenomenal of fake news fitting into this. How can we actually transform our own understanding or our own embrace of the period, so we can kind of ride the wave more smoothly? I want to open it up and look at it from a perspective of greater learning, and so my question to you is, what do you think about this period of conflict or this side versus that side?

Is there an astrological explanation for that? It will reunite, though in a completely transformed way. Well, the same way that in , that happened. This is schism, a divide. This is very divisive. Suzanne: Oh! Recently, we had the big march and the conflict about what was real and what was true about that march. And in Oakland, California it is completely diverse. You have everybody here, all races, all gender and everything in between.