Lunar eclipse december 23 2019 astrology effects

Astrological calculations suggest that this eclipse will take place in the Sagittarius sign and Purvashada nakshatra. The day will be of Amavasya and the surya grahan may be unfavorable for Sagittarians. On Tuesday, 2 July , another surya grahan that will not be visible in India, is taking place. This one will be a full eclipse or a total solar eclipse. The duration of the eclipse will be 2 hours and 44 minutes. It will commence at PM and continue till AM in the morning.

This solar eclipse will also not be visible in India. However, Chile, Argentina, Pacific region and some parts of South America will experience this rare total solar eclipse. In India. Sutaka does not apply to this grahan as well. Final eclipse of will be a solar eclipse which will take place on Thursday, 26 December This will be an annular eclipse i. The eclipse will be observed between AM to AM in the morning. Sutaka will be observed in India for this eclipse. The third solar eclipse will take place in Sagittarius and Mool Nakshatra during an Amavasya in the month of Paush.

The annular solar eclipse which will be the last in the year will be visible in India and the rules of Sutaka must be followed during the event. On December 25, , one day before the eclipse, at hrs, the duration of Sutak will begin.

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It will continue till AM on December The duration of Sutak is critical to an eclipse. This period is considered inauspicious and many things are not supposed to be done during this time. Some of these include:. To get rid of malefic effects of Solar Eclipse, one must chant the following mantra during the eclipse.

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The impact of Grahan as well as Sutak is particularly felt by pregnant ladies, who are advised not to perform activities like. The period of Sutak is not considered good for doing something new. However, there are things that must be performed during this time. A legal matter or a troublesome marriage ends for Cancer folks during this eclipse. Do not heed to the advise of a third person in personal matters. Possessiveness and jealous nature would come to the fore.

Be careful about your finances and do not speculate. Focus on investments and personal wealth this year. Handle relationships with caution as trouble lurks around. Those born under the Leo zodiac will be the first and possibly the most influenced by the lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse of July may enhance your creativity. However Leo natives are advised against taking any sort of risks in their lives during the period.

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Some of you folks might need a career change. Do not make any major life-altering decisions for now. Find ways to harness your creativity. Focus on your personal goals and aims this period. Get away from routine and focus on new avenues for growth this eclipse period. Clear the blocks and hindrances in front of you. Certain changes that you make now would bring about major alterations in life.

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This eclipse would bring out the creativity in you. Patience and firmness are needed in relationships. You would be put to tests trials here. Be positive and stay kind to those around. Libra is all about balance.

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This lunar eclipse would test your balanced nature though. Natives might feel helpless and vulnerable during the period. Your relationship with a parental figure can suffer around this time but you will be able to solve long-pending family issues and rifts. Do connect with friends and do not stay dis-connected. If you struggle, you would be rewarded.

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Take challenges head on with the support of family and friends. Forgiveness would help you make some of the strong bonds in life. The lunar eclipse may cloud your judgement this year. Your emotions will be all over the place, so you must learn to manage them. There would be misunderstandings with neighbours and peers. Change negativity around you this period. Take note of your actions and be patient. Think carefully before acting for or against someone this period. This lunar eclipse asks you to take up creative pursuits.

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Romance and love are on the cards. Expect the lunar eclipse to push your life to change for the better. Identify the blockages that threaten your personal worth and financial success. Cultivate self-esteem, and everything will flourish around you. Accept change with your arms open. Prepare yourself for what is to come and embrace it no matter how it is going to turn out.

This eclipse shoos you away from clinging to the past, as it would not take you far in life. Your past achievements are nothing compared to the opportunities before you.

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Do aim at new goals and pursuits. Avoid all sorts of confusions are around. They are just things that make you stray from your path ahead. Spring into action and do not rest on your laurels.

This eclipse season will amplify your importance to people and you might also become a leader. The negative of the lunar eclipse is that your progress can unnerve others and lead to conflicts.


Certain things from the past might reappear in life, just to make a difference. Listen to yourself and trust yourself. You are in a period of positive energy and this will help you.