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Capricorns enjoy a good challenge! It only strengthens his affections when he knows he will always have a great time with a partner who can match up! I am a Scorpio woman and my boyfriend is a Capricorn. Not with big things, more like little things like games. He just has to win.

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Because I tend to think dark and the worst things that could possibly happen. My Capricorn cannot relate. I know I like to be shown off. Im a Scorpio women and I like this man Capricorn. We have been friends over two years but I have liked him since then. But a year ago in the summer we didnt talk at all and I met a guy Sagittarius and we started to date cause I thought the Capricorn didnt care about me anymore so I started to date the Sagittarius. After me and Sagittarius broke up, me and Capricorn started to mess around.

Yes we have done it but the Capricorn has open up a little. Capricorn says he loves me and care about me so much but he dosent want to ruin our friendship and want us to be just friends but he says that we are something more than friends tho. Capricorn is really close up man and has a lot of problems and tends to overthink to much.

I need a option about this. Thanks for reading this. It would be great help if someone replies to this. I dated a cap man for about 8 months,a lot of breaks and then we would link up and go like nothing ever happened. During the fight I told him that all that effort to get over his fear and just threw it all away. I was ferious all over and just deaded the situation all together.

I was hurt, I kept asking was I that bad of a person that he would continuously hurt me over and over,was I too much, too pushy,to passionate, to easy, too honest? As a cap, I would say your best bet is to talk about it; capricorns appreciate honesty and directness. The fact that you dated someone else may also make him unsure of how deeply you love him. Good luck and tell us how it went! My Scorpio tends to be very direct and intense when it comes to emotions. My boyfriend has helped me learn to slow down, take a deep breath, and go with the flow.

Capricorns are extremely down to earth and very cautious about who they let in close. They will stand back and observe you for a long time before making any decisions based on where you fit into their lives.

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All good things come to those who wait. Some of us have learned to tone ourselves down but still get our desires across. I think S. We know that it was due to the fact that your Cappy was acting like a normal Cappy in the fact that they sometimes come off as very distant, detached, and aloof. Communication is always key and I think that had you talked to him beforehand, it may have helped the situation.

A Scorpio is actually probably quicker to mend things before a Capricorn because where as the Scorpio is stubborn, the Capricorn is ten times more. However, the Capricorn will let go of a grudge far earlier than a Scorpio will in most cases. You are right on the dot. Communication is key to the Capricorn. I too date a Capricorn and I have experienced the caution they take in letting you in their lives. He has kids and I do too, so for us timing is essential.

The chemistry and the good intentions are there, but one step at a time we go. I admire his intelligence and his honorable soul as he appreciates my support and love. I too am dating a Capricorn man and I am a Scorpio woman. Capricorn men are amazing men and totally worth the wait. A Capricorn is very cautious and when he says he is a slow starter. I met mine almost a year ago, I know he is devoted to me and loyal but.

I know the moment I fell in love with him and it made me doubt everything when I told him and he said nothing in return. I have been with a Capricorn man for 2 years and we just broke up last night He cheated on me last August right before I went back to school and even though I forgave him. I said a lot of hurtful things to hurt him like he had hurt me. We would argue about him not at least calling me every day and only texting and on the weekends he would rather go ride his 4wheelers or go over his cousin house than to spend time with me and he would disappear and not even call or text me all day on Saturdays and Sundays.

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No rush just eventually a future. I told him to take some time and decide if this relationship is what he wanted. At first I said ok I would not blame him I Just understand he is not ready. SO we talked on the phone argues about everything that goes on and I really made a complete fool of myself crying and asking what did I do and telling him all I wanted was time from him was this so bad and being very emotional and needy. I cried more and told him to take care because I realize that he is really done with me. I do feel sick thinking about losing someone I love so deeply and dearly but I know if there is no hope I can move on and eventually get over it.

I do not plan to reach out to him because I know you just leave Caps alone and let them have their space. But did I go too far and completely lose my boyfriend this time? If he cannot see he is losing a good woman, that is his loss.

Do not ever let anyone mistreat you like that again. I have a feeling you are young so you will learn over time. I guess we are both two ambitious people with certain high goals for ourselves and we know to challenge them by laying down our plans. I guess you can say that this type of bond is a husband-wife affair and full of companionship. Maybe even soul mates. I think my Scorpio is my soul mate too. I was engaged to a Libra before for two years and had ended the relationship after being unhappy for nearly a year about two months before I began dating Scorpio.

Scorpio and I worked together but I only saw him as a friend. Our relationship has been an emotional rollacoaster for me but I know even after a big fight he would still be there for me. Scorpio woman and talked to a Cap we feel in love in 2 weeks he even told me he loved me back.. And I hate it. A mix of passion, emotions, and physical greatness. I have a crush on a capricorn female. He use to tell me he likes me a little, then he says he likes me as a friend.

I am in love with my Capricorn male teacher. He is 27 years old and I am of 19 years.. Would he be happy to get in relation ship?

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This is probably late in coming, but as a Capricorn with Scorpio moon and Venus, I would like to give my input. I do not think so. Hear me out! But you also have to try and find out his attitude on age differences in a relationship; some capricorns can be very self-conscious.

But you also have to be wife-material. So I can relate to your problem. I am a Capricorn woman, who loves a Scorpio woman. We have been on an off for the past 3 years now. When we do find are way back together our love is amazing! Our connection is amazing. We both agree and disagree on things. She is a Scorpio so she is very stubborn at times!

I am a Capricorn so I can be very disrespectful and rude at times as well. We do not communicate as well as we should yet we have been working on that especially myself! The love we both have for each other is very hard to explain. I respect her views and stuff. I confessed my love to her second time. She denied it and threw a joke. Its fine though. But the screwed up part is she kinda keeps staring at me which is creepy now and walks fast up and crosses the path after class we in the same cls.

I asked her if she even likes talking to me and me in general.. All this is just messing up my head. Dont know what to do. Its almost 1. What should I do? Do you think he would like to be in relationship with me? Like is he interested in me too? I really have no idea what to do now…. Capricorn men are amazing in bed and the sex is over the top. He cooks, cleans and he tells me how beautiful I am. I cook and clean too, but something about us together is a match made in heaven.

So we got back together and the sex is amazing and we have such a great connection..

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I belive that they are our true soul mates! He has a higher sex drive than me, and I kind of really love this. He is sexy, trustworthy, secretive and faithful. Everthing a Scorpio wants and looks for in a relationship! Great thing! Can some one help me I want some advice please. I am an Introverted Capricorn woman, that has been talking to an Introverted Scorpio man for the last two years. We live about miles from each other, however, last year we have been seeing each at least one a month.

Please help. Im having a similar problem. Im a Cap female and the Scorpio guy i meet a couple months ago is very reserved. I really enjoy him and it seems to be vice versa. But he is such a mystery. I really have 2 fight not 2 try and communicate with him and it just seems so easy 2 him. Weeks without hearing from him and then will txt like we just slept in the same bed the night b4.

I just want understanding on him. He knows a lot about me ny life situations pain in my life and I dont know A thing about him worth 2 cents but he has great sex. I want more of him but its like he is purposely keeping me in a separate bubble. Im so confused. We will come around and contact you! I could be wrong but a couple of weeks or a month??? NO Buenos! That is too long! Trust me on this. There maybe other women around him. I know when ever I have done that.

But this is how you can get back at him. Tell him how much he has hurt you. If it makes you cry even better he will feel like a douche bag. He will hate that but you will need to stick to this. We met August of Let me tell you scorpio men are very hard to read. Just dont rush them to open up so fast when you just be yourself and show them that they can trust you they will then open up slowly but surely.

My scorpio is the best thing that ever happened to me in terms of a relationship. Trust me we are true soul mates and complement each other very well. I am very excited to explore the rest of my life with him. Take care and God bless you and your relationship. I went into it thinking it was just a rebound guy from my last relationship with a Leo. I was just looking for nothing serious neither was he but after we had been seeing each other a while I fell so hard for this guy a true soul mate. When I tell you our past seem to mirror each others like two skies on top of other.

We liked all the same stuff it felt like I had known him for eternity. The thing is he has an ex girlfriend whom he has a child with. Since he is so loyal to his family his ex uses this strength as a weakness towards him because she uses the child as a way to control him. She told him he is no longer allowed to see his child if he sees me anymore. Im utterly heartbroken. I cant explain this but I close my eyes and once in a while a get this shiver like hes here with me like a super beyond this world connection.

Do you think he will come back? Do you think he is playing games? Last time we were together we held each other all night in the morning we acted like strangers to one another yet he promised he would see me. Still waiting to hear from him. Please what should I do. This is not the first Scorpio I fell hard for but it is the one I felt the best connection with. I love all Scorpios you guys are a cappy girls other half. I am a Scorpio woman in love with a Capricorn man.

We started as young as high school. We both went our separate ways and he found me on fb. As adults we have started to develop a strong bond.

We have always had feelings for one another but both were stubborn to say. I love this man and all that he is and have to offer.

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He says he loves me more now than I could ever want to hear. I will continue to bond with him as long as he would have me and me him. And the love making is fantastic. He likes to cuddle and hold me and I melt in his arms. This Scorpio loves that Capricorn to the moon and beyond. I am a Cap woman and I like a Scorpio man. We started having small conversations here and there and a friendship slowly started 6 months later.

We started to hangout more frequently he became someone I could talk too, trust and have fun with. We both moved to the city we live in now at the same time, so this is one thing that helped us click. I saw him as a really good friend, nothing more. He would even come to me with his girl problems. We had a great friendship and i slowly started crushing on him. I started having these feelings around 13 months of us knowing one another.

It was something completely different for me. For the next 3 months I kept my feelings to myself, not letting him know how I felt. I told him I had never had this happen to me, but that I was crushing on him and had feelings for him. I gave him his space and did my own thing for some weeks. He slowly came back and started asking to see me more. Was a wrong to have felt like this?? Things now have changed, now my Scorpio man is a lot more open.

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He says hes never missed someone before. I defintely give him his space, because I also like and need my own space. At this point, 2 months of us being open with our emotions and desires I still feel very confused with our relationship. The connection we have is real, effortless, and fun and I enjoy it. I know Scorpio men are very mysterious and hard to read. I would say our relationship is something undeniably magnetic and every time I try to pull away, I just end up wanting to be even closer. I am not one to have interest in many people since I am picky in who I choose to like, and I can usually get over a crush pretty quickly; but with my Scorpio, I am making the slowest or no progress in getting over the feelings I have.

I am almost certain that my Scorpio has gotten in way deeper than I have, and the imbalance of feelings is making me feel guilty about not giving this a chance yet. So, should I go for it? I understand them and only want to find out more about them! Category Our Research. Visit Now. More In Our Research Programs. Image of. Close Select A Hope Lodge.