Full moon december 9 astrology

On this Full Moon, we are going to feel encouraged to release the year, to let go of any heavy or dead weight we are carrying, and to surrender to all that was and all that has been.

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There is no changing the past, and there is no use in feeling regret. All we can do is look forward, and take the necessary steps and actions that are in our control. All else can just fade away, and be released to Mother Moon for clearing, so we can start a new chapter with a clean fresh slate. Along with this energy of clearing and completion, we also have this air of new beginnings too.

This Full Moon is special because it falls at zero degrees of Cancer.

Full Moon for December 12222

Whenever a Full Moon, or any other planet for that matter, falls at zero degrees, it signifies infinite possibilities and an opening of opportunity. All through , and even through part of , we have a new Eclipse cycle starting involving both Cancer and Capricorn.

This makes this Full Moon not only the last of the year, but also the last Cancer Full Moon we will have for a while. All of the other Cancer Lunar cycles from this point forward will be Eclipses and this theme will continue until Seeing as this is the last Cancer Full Moon for a while, it is going to unlock a new portal of energy and give us some clues as to what this new string of Cancer Eclipses may have in store for us. Enjoy a heart-to-heart talk, or a good cry. Indulge in some comfort food, or spend a cozy evening at home. Whatever you do at this full moon, be gentle with yourself… and with everyone else in your life.

Venus enters Scorpio

Fortunately, the sun in Capricorn which opposes this full moon provides us with a supportive structure or container in which to process all the feels. That means knowing when to be respons ive to your changing emotions and moods and when to be respons ible doing the right thing, whether you feel like it or not. Still, more than any other sign, Cancer can bring up a lot of nostalgia for childhood and family. For better or worse, Cancer , this full moon hits you right in the feels. Lean on a loved one for structure and support.

After all, what more do you really have to prove? And at this full moon, you may be in the mood for something completely different.

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I picked these stones as they resonate so well with the energy of this full moon. Red Jasper is actually associated with Gaia who is featured in the Betelgeuse myth. Emotional healing: Gives men and women quiet strength to resist bullying or domestic violence… Protective against psychic attack or if working with psychologically disturbed people. So this stone is great for dragon slaying and gives courage! It is also a warming crystal for those cold winter nights.

Intuitive Astrology: December Full Moon 2018

Meditating with this stone provides insight into the best way to accomplish this, and helps bring future problems to light before they become too big. A lot of people use Poppy Jasper to have a sense of security and comfort, and to increase feelings of peace, serenity, and wholeness. Psychic vampires.

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  • If you are as decent as you can be moral and kind , then I am certain you attract them the baddies , they certainly hone in on you. So, something I have found useful although devastating is the composites of anyone you meet in life.

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    Parents, siblings,family, lovers, bosses etc. It works everytime. Venus is a good one and the composite sign its in….. It does not matter if you are supposed to love them or indeed fall in love with them, its all written for you to take note.

    Wishing you and yours and everyone reading this a good Christmas and a great Married 2nd husband who is as non violent as the first was vicious, he married his 1st awful wife with Saturn on 3 Taurus Transit, 28 years later we married with Saturn reversed on 3 Taurus! Taurus the Bull Sun with a transit of Saturn reversed on our wedding day, and,no I did not know astrology back then.

    Met him through misdirected phone call with Uranus exact on his Mercury Aquarius, 1 degree from my Chiron, married a few weeks later with Uranus on my Chiron with Venus opposition on the North and South nodes of Neptune. And, he was a telephone engineer Aquarian Sun to my Cancerian Sun, completely inconjunct.

    But we do act like the stuck and staid Taurus Sun. Its amazing.

    How The December New Moon Will Affect You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

    And, yes, he did bullshit me. This is activating my ascendant, almost exactly conjunct within 22 minutes. I am fortunate, lucky, blessed and on the road to lifetimes healing. Thank you Marina for everything.

    Next Week:

    Merry Christmas. Joyous Yule.