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This brings us back to why there seems to be a softening of attitudes towards astrology, despite the lack of scientific evidence. To satisfy my curiosity, I decided to meet with a professional to give me a birth chart reading. As I half-expected, every flaw and virtue laid out to me felt uncannily on the nose. Everything keeping me up at night was put into perspective.

Mountains were downgraded to molehills. And, ironically, I realised I did, in fact, have control over my future and wellbeing. So do I believe astronomical events are dictating my destiny? Can I explain Mercury in retrograde?

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But do I believe things that comfort us in times of chaos must not be written off as the pursuit of silly women? The online astrology world has thousands of memes poking fun at each sun sign. What assumptions are they making about yours? Yes, Leo, this section is all about YOU. Are you a knowledge seeker or just a bit of a space cadet? Skip to content.

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I make decisions in a flash of insight. Sitting with its ruler, Jupiter, the full moon gives us an important boost of confidence, reassuring us that generosity is the greatest of gifts. Growth devoid of mindfulness often ends up as greed gone awry. When we become fixated only on what will keep us safe, our life-force dims.

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With this full moon, consider what you can give, what you have to offer without hope of anything in return, and what has been shared with you in the same spirit. Sandwiched in-between days of dense, difficult astrology, this particular full moon gives us a little relief, though it might seem minor in the context of everything else we are holding, grappling with, and working through.

We have a moment to soak up any and all celebratory energy before Eclipse season begins. Living beyond our timelines and confined calendars.

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I cannot summon it when it is convenient for me. Inspiration arrives without warning and leaves without apology. I build homes for it to visit. Gardens for it to plant itself in for a time. Gateways for it to saunter through when it wants to. Instead I go to the canvas, drawing board, desk, and dancefloor with my dedication to being there.

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I know my shame and I am not put off by it. I know my fears and I am not stopped by them. I know what it means to fit in, and I am not here for any kind of conformity that divorces me from my precious, potent, life-giving, IDGAF-about-anything-but-the-truth, energy. Sis hits it on the head every single time! I choose rebirth.

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I choose my inner-growth. I refuse to feel shame for not meeting a marker I never held as meaningful. Instead, I tend to the creative fire in my belly, feeding the flames in sustainable ways. I know that bringing something into the world is both awe-inducing and horror-filled.

All The Rage Of Aquarius: How Astrology Hangs On - 1A

Creation is just as much about letting the old decompose as it is about birthing something new into being. Every breakthrough is preceded by a breakdown. These are the words of chaninicholas capturing the spirit of the new moon in Aries for this week in April!!

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It seems fear is the topic on the mind of many folks lately. Nicholas is all about making astrology practical, approachable, and useful, as well a way to help people heal.

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