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They will have Ashwini or Bharanai or Kiruthigai as their Nakshatra. They will usually have an interest in entertainment field. They will have brilliant children. These Rasi people will have beautiful face.

It is really difficult for anybody to fight against you. Usually, Mithuna Rasi people will get others suggestion before starting any new work. They will accurately judge everything.

They will always try to complete their jobs without fail. Magam, Pooram, Uthiram are the nakshatras of Simha Rasi. Usually, Simha Rashi people are very bold. They like to get everything immediately. Patience is not a virtue for those born on first of February. It would be of great benefit, if they can practice patience and take it slow with important life decisions.

It would be wise for those born on February 1 to put time into getting to know themselves, especially since they have taken time to get to know others so well. People born on this day have the uncanny gift of attracting success so they should make the most of it. Health Unfortunately, health is not a priority for Aquarians. Practicing some type of yoga, meditation, or deep breathing exercises would help tremendously because less stress with more relaxation would help balance their emotional state.

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Finance People born on this day are not very good at managing their finances. Their attitude towards money is often impulsive; they have expensive tastes and enjoy splurging. Often, their money goes towards purchasing gifts for their family. They also love to buy things for the household. Career These people love to be in active jobs and careers.

They seek jobs that require fast reaction, such as firefighting, ambulance work, or perhaps a career as a physician. They may not do well in daily routine and redundant jobs because they prefer constant change and transition.


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Relationships, Marriage and Children People born on this day find those with similar intellect quite attractive. They tend to be faithful and quite dependable, and hence make for a very strong and successful relationship. They communicate openly in their relationships and thrive in those relationships that allow them to be themselves. If their significant others give them love, appreciation and respect, these Aquarians will be very happy, loyal and loving companions.


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Who know's what is in store for you! Check out your birth date meaning.

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