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Sciet me te laudare. Sciebat me te laurdare. Scivit me to laudare. Scit me laudari. Sciet me laudari. Sciebat me laudari. Scivit me laudari. I will provide the four principal parts of 4 verbs. I will include their English meaning. Your job is to create all the infinitives and write their meaning. It is necessary for me to go. Test Th. Please attend next week's block Wed. We will also start talking about themes for Trick or Treat Street. List words and phrases you need to study and start learning them.

I will collect your lists and ask you questions about the story. Use this link for your work those days. Remember to take notes. Hand in your notes at the end of the period. You need to read over the 4 index cards we have made for the subjunctive. These are: Overview of the Moods - Indicative, Imperative, Subjunctive; How to form and identify the imperfect subjunctive, active and passive voice; How to form and identify the perfect and pluperfect subjunctive, active and passive voice. We will complete a worksheet together in class, so it is imperative that you read over your cards tonight.

Sit in test rows and do your best to finish. Hand in your scantron and test at the end of class. You will form the groups we discussed in class on Monday. When you hand this in at the end of the Block period, staple them together with the best paper on top and all the names listed on that paper. Group Final Groups will be assigned by Ms.

LiCalsi If you are absent on the day of the final, you will have to take it alone. Split this assignment over 2 nights Work on pompa the night of December 8 and work on navis sacra the night of Dec. Be ready to present your section of these stories assigned to groups in class.

By now you should have submitted your vocabulary lists for these stories. Read opening Stage 15 Model sentences as well as the first story. Use Cambridge online and be ready to discuss the story. It will be due on Thursday, Oct. You may write a song, act in a skit, create an art piece, but whatever you choose, it must accomplish the following. Portray a characterization of Rufilla, Salvius, Quintus, and any other characters who make an appearance in Stage Are you writing and singing a song?

Playing a musical piece of your own composition? Are you acting? Are you filming? Are you drawing? Do you have a different idea? Class time for working on this will be Tuesday and Friday next week. You will present on Monday, October List all verbs in these stories and translate them.

This is due on Monday, Sept. We started in class. Use Cambridge online! I know the different forms of the verb "to arrive" advenit with and without a macron over the "e" advenire: the infinitive, to arrive adveniebat: the imperfect tense, he was arriving.

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Print out the last page. Parents sign. You sign. Buy supplies and bring everything to class. You must be able to reproduce your cards without looking at them. Bring them to the final exam Friday, May 29 from Hand in your notes tomorrow. Take the quiz. Here are highlights. For neuter forms use "i" in the ablative singular and "ia" in nom. There are two other adjectives you need to be familiar with in third declension. These are all third declension adjectives. Review how to form the vocative for nouns of second declension and how to form vocative for proper names in second declension.

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Be able to identify a first, second, third, and fourth conjugation verb and know how to form their imperatives. Quiz on present, imperfect, future active and passive and perfect, pluperfect, and future perfect active. These are all due on Monday, August The Honor Code will be distributed in class on August Check your email.

I sent you three docs to print. Please bring these to class on the first day back. You will also need to bring a highlighter! Tuesday, April 22, finish vocabulary through 6 and prepare story 7 tonight. Wednesday, April 23, read story 8 and make a vocabulary list Thursday, April 24, read story 9 and make a vocabulary list Friday, April 25, read story 10 and make a vocabulary list Weekend, due Monday, April 28, read story 11 and make a vocabulary list.

Use the vocabulary booklet you checked out in class today. The subjunctive cards will be completed in class and can be used on the final exam. The final exam consists of questions regarding the use of the subjunctive in Latin. May 14 at the start of block lunch. You need to speak to me if you are unable to attend due to an AP exam. In that case you will take the test on Thursday, May 15 at the start of block lunch.

B If you missed class days, check with your comrades and see if you missed any subjunctive cards. They are the bread and butter of your final exam. C No late work will be accepted after May No grades will be adjusted after Wed. May Look at IC and know where you stand before the final. D Speaking tests will be administered in class or during your free period throughout the week. NLE make up grades will be in by Monday, May The coin project will be graded and entered before the final exam. Please read and discuss the Honor Code with your parents.

Ask a parent to sign your form and bring it to class. Go to the FHS website, subscribe to your classes and then go to my main page. On this page you will see the note to students to click a box to fill out the Google form. Go to your class tab and read both the Salvete Parentes letter and the Course Outline.

Print only the last page of the Course Outline and then you and your parent should sign it. I will need at 4 - 5 parent volunteers for the National Latin Exam administration. This is an easy job. You meet at the main office on the morning of March 14, Thursday, at 8 a. McCarthy gives you a folder of tests, you go to the classroom noted on your folder, you hand out the tests, students take the test for 45 minutes, you collect the tests and then meet back at the main office.

Please email Ms. Gibert ASAP if you can help. Gratias in advance. Please come to during block lunch Wed. This is an overnight trip where you will have the chance to meet many Latin students across the state and compete in Academics, Oratory, Dramatic Interpretation, Art, Swimming, Running, as well as other event.

Full details are included in your forms.

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The cost of the trip is This fee covers registration, food, transportation, and lodging. Talk to older students who love going each year. Partial scholarships are sometimes available.

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We also need trip chaperones. If there is any parents might want to join us, please ask them to fill out the chaperone form. On the test you may use one index card with up to 50 vocabulary words listed.

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Make this card ahead of time please. Do not report to the Latin room on Monday. Report directly to the Library and check in with Mr. Crowley, who will hand you a computer assignment for the period. I have reserved the computers for our class, but you are a big class so you may need to double up. Crowley at the end of the period. Make sure you include your name and class period in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Read it WITH your parents, print only the last page. Please sign it, ask your parents to sign it, bring it to school along with the suggested fees. This is due on Monday, August 20 and will count as your first homework assignment. If you want to include Latin Club membership in the same check, that is ok.

Checks should be made out to Fairview High School. Write "Latin" on the memo line and put your name on the check as well. Salvete, Remember to translate 18 for Friday. We will work on 19 together and then 20 will be weekend work. If you want to get ahead, that is what we are planning for the next few days. You need your composition book in class on Monday. By now you have already started preparing vocabulary lists for each labor.

Remember, no more than 10 words per story. I will give you twelve verbs to translate. Study the principal parts of third and fourth conjugation verbs and all the endings for present, imperfect, future, perfect, pluperfect, and future perfect. You will simply translate the verbs and identify their tense and voice.

You will read mercator Arabs and keep a running vocabulary list for the story. You do not need to write out a translation. In class, we will dissect the grammar for this story. Spend 45 minutes on this assignment. Split it up and do some on Tuesday and some on Wednesday for best results. Begin learning the vocabulary on page 47 minutes. Practice your review of first and second declension endings by looking over the list of adjectives in Recent Files.

Quiz on first and second conjugation stems, tenses, and endings. Present, Imperfect, Future, and Perfect Tenses must be mastered. If you did not finish reading the English about Salvius in stage 13, please do so. Finish Salvius fundum inspicit on pages Use the Cambridge Latin site if you'd like. Read About the Language, p. Do exercises 1 and 2 on page Read English pp.

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Sign In. Homework due Friday, Oct. In Class Friday: Complete your individual drawings of Labor 7 and hand them in! In Class, Tues. You will hand it in, even if you don't finish. An excellent site from the University of Virginia with specially written pages on various aspects of Classical medicine. Roman copy of a Hellenistic Greek statue showing Atlas holding up the globe of the heavens which has the signs on the zodiac sculpted on it.

This cosmological mosaic discovered in the region of Zaghouan shows the gods of the seven days of the week and the signs of the zodiac. Good on-line resource still being developed and what there is so far is useful and informative about various areas of Greek and Roman technology. Detailed website about Archimedes, one of the greatest Greek mathematicians and an inventor, physicist and astronomer.

Explains many of his theories visually. Book II Teacher's Guide. Subscribe to our mailing list. Search site. Login Create new account Request new password.

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The Stories. Explore the story. Practising the Language. Activities for vocabulary revision and language practice: Test your Vocabulary is against the clock and can be set to all words in this stage, up to this stage, etc. Test your vocabulary. Which case? Infinitive or participle? Singular or plural? Which gender? Noun or adjective? Medicine or Astrology? Exercise 1. Cultural Background. NOTE: These links will appear in a new window.

CSCP is not responsible for the content of external sites. Add to Add to collection s Add to saved. P2 has most of the Stage 2 model sentences copied out; p23 has her own translation of venalicius with gaps to fill; p32 has comprehension questions on Hermogenes; p33 has her own translation of Grumio et leo with gaps to fill; p44 has comprehension questions on actores; p45 has comprehension questions on Poppaea; p46 has comprehension questions on pugna; ; p47 has comprehension questions on Felix; p66 comprehension questions on gladiatores; p67 text from pastor et leo copied out in chunks; p86 Latin sentences including CLC characters; p87 comprehension questions on Marcus et Quartus; p88 comprehension questions on Sulla; p sentences from Stage 12 model sentences copied out; p comprehension questions on ad urbem; p comprehension questions on ad villam; p comprehension questions on finis CLC Stage 4 Test 5.

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